Mosquito repeller from peppermint

Mint repeller for mosquitos

Mint repeller for mosquitos

Oil of Menthe piperita L. (Peppermint oil), a widely used essential oil, was evaluated for larvicidal activity against different mosquito species: “Aedes aegypti- Anopheles stephensi – Culex quinquefasciatus”  by exposing  instar larvae of mosquitoes in enamel trays filled with water. Of the three species tested “Cx. quinquefasciatus” was most susceptible followed by “Ae. aegypti” and “An. stephensi”. Application of oil at  water surface area resulted in 100% mortality within 24 h for “Cx. quinquefasciatus”, 90% for “Ae. aegypti” and 85% for “An. stephensi”…….Read More

Make your own repeller:

Boil a litre of water and after that put  100gr of Mentha piperata and 100gr of Rosemarious Officialis in it and let them for 10minutes. Squiz a lime in it and let it cold. Use 10 drops in a some water over a candle and let it burn in your room

Source: Hippocrates Medicine


One response to “Mosquito repeller from peppermint

  1. I have tried it and it really works.
    After 15 days the repeller lose most of it properties and works less.
    I used for the recipie:
    -50gr of Mentha aquatica
    -50gr of Mentga piperata
    -50gr of Rosemarious officialis
    -The juice of a big lime


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