Natural Help for Bronchitis

  • Herbs for Bronchitis

    Herbs for Bronchitis

    Thyme extract is a promising therapeutic option for the cough that occurs in acute bronchitis. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study used extracts of a combination of thyme leaf and primrose root to assess their ability to reduce cough on anobjective scale, the Bronchitis Severity Score. On days 7 to 9, an average decrease of over 67% in coughing fits was seen in the

    thyme-primrose group. A 50% reduction in cough was achieved by the extract-combination treatment approximately 2 days earlier compared to placebo (Kemmerich 2007).
    In another double-blind study, 361 people with acute bronchitis received a thyme-ivy combination for 11 days; researchers reported that its administration was superior to placebo for reduction of coughing fits (Kemmerich 2006). Another study examined an herbal combination that includes thyme extract called Bronchipret®. The authors reported Bronchipret® (containing 160 mg of thyme extract) was as effective as synthetic medications for the clinical outcomes of bronchitis in children and adults. In the adult subgroup analysis, there was a tendency for better results and less adverse reactions with the herbal combination as compared to synthetic medications….Read More

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