9 Untested Chemical you use everyday

Untested Chemicals

Untested Chemicals

Each day, we eat foods, drink sodas, and use soaps, shampoos, and lotions that contain thousands of additives and chemicals. But did you know that many of these chemicals have made it into our homes without any review whatsoever?

According to a recent investigation, 275 of the chemicals found in our food have never been reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is because of a loophole introduced in 1958 that allows companies to use chemicals that are “generally recognized as safe.” But while many are harmless, the FDA’s own investigations have found that at least some of these untested additives are linked to reproductive and developmental problems.

Thankfully, this is about to change, and the FDA is slated to receive vital data from the food and grocery industry about what chemicals are used in food, beauty products, and other applications. This will give us unprecedented clarity on just what we are eating and using on a daily basis.

Here are just nine of the chemicals that are in the products we use on a daily basis. Don’t worry — these may be getting a second look in the near future……..Read More

Source: Healthline

Wath also: Toxic Cancer Causing Carcinogens Found in Childrens Bath Products

Source: WashingtonPost


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